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Obligatory D*C Freakout Post--


Costume list:
- Dead Red Shirt WITH A SPEAR STICKING OUT OF ME --if I can make the spear short enough I'm still able to get in elevators, yet still look realistic-- (Star Trek)
- Splicer (Bioshock)
- Lomi Plo (Star Wars)
- Art Baker (The Long Walk)
-Gangy (Arrested Development)
-Death Eather (Harry Potter)
-Razor Girl (Brutal Legend)

...I think that is everything.

The only thing COMPLETELY DONE is Art Baker. Although, I do need to resupply my makeup kit.
For the Splicer I need new hose and I need to make a mask.
Lomi Plo has, like, NOTHING DONE. This one is stressing me out.
Dead Red Shirt...I have the dress and gogo boots and an idea for crazy Star Trek hair. I JUST NEED TO MAKE THE SPEAR. I have ideas, but I have to make sure I can still maneuver the convention....
Gangy should be easy. I just need to go shopping for someting Gangy-esque. And get a wig.]



So I'm back from Disney World! I had a fantastic time and will be posting pictures and report soon! That place is so magical. I just want to live there!

In other news, I've recently become a singleton again. The best thing about this? WAY MORE TIME FOR VIDEO GAMES. XBOX, I MISSED YOU. LET'S NEVER LEAVE EACH OTHER AGAIN.

(but also I have a date this weekend..let's see how that goes)


Also, I'm considering going here again: http://www.dec.edu/pages/makeupeffects.html
It's in PA. Its Tom Savini. Has a job placement program for graduates. And is something I would LOVE. I'm just tired of being stuck. I need to take action and just follow through with it. BUT ITS SO HARD. And expensive.

ANY OF YOU STAR TREK FANS--YouTube Warp 11. They are an amazing Star Trek band. That's right. Star Trek band. I just bought three of their CDs and I'm pretty sure its the best $30 I have ever spent. Check out Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Klingons or  Old Country Doctor (Ballad of Bones).

Since I'm already here:

On Memorial Day weekend--while I was in Galveston--the TRAHCies first official project of bringing art into the community was complete! Catch the article from the Texarkana Gazette or on the TRAHCies blog.

And in other news: No Vegas this year. But I'll gladly trade it for a week at Universal Orlando and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! See you in July, Hogwarts!


So it was definitely like 68 degrees for a high yesterday. The sun was shining bright and spring had a foot in the door. Today the high is 62 degrees. I took Zia out this morning to run around with the dogs. Flowers are blooming, trees are budding and THE FORECAST SHOWS FIVE INCHES OF SNOW LATE TONIGHT AND EARLY TOMORROW. WTF WEATHER???

In other news, HI INTERNET. I AM ALIVE. I just have been incapacitated for a while. Work has gotten a little out of hand. And I get a three day weekend Easter weekend, but after that I pretty much don't have a full weekend off UNTIL THE END OF JUNE. It's dance recital season and being Box Office Manager -_- yeah. I'm just ready for July to get here. 11 days of vacation, a road trip across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona to the Grand Canyon and Vegas? YES PLEASE.

Now that I'm back I NEED TO PLAN ALL SORTS OF THINGS. Like D*C for instance. OMG. YOU GUYS. I don't even know whats going on with everyone.

DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS AWAKENINGS  came out on Tuesday. I totally loaded my Rogue character that became Princess Consort to the King of Ferelden. I think thats my favorite class in this game. The fact that you can throw flasks full of acid at dark spawn and they melt to death? Or the walking bombs? <33 And not to forget the awesome backstabs and decapitations....Best part about this expansion so far? KING ALISTAIR TOTALLY SHOWS UP.  He pretty much just tells the wife what a great job she's doing and she's on her own to rebuild the Wardens and leaves. BUT STILL. ALISTAIR YOU GUYS. He's right up there with CARTH in my book. tenel_ka  knows what a serious statement that is.

At this point, Bioware pretty much owns my soul. And my wallet. I will purchase any and every DLC they dare throw at me via Dragon Age or Mass Effect 2. And Star Wars: The Old Republic? Yeeaaah. You won't see me again. Ever.


I am so frustrated right now. Thank you, life.

At least I'm off today. And I get to hang out with Mary. A trip to Sci-Port, the IMAX, the Boardwalk and the Casinos. YAY.

So I finished Mass Effect 2.


I have never regretted having a job more than this moment. When I played the first Mass Effect (Come on...did you really think this post would be about anything else?) I had an entire weekend. I stormed through that game in less than two days, showing my face only occasionally to grab some caffine so I could keep playing.  But now, I have a job. A real job. Being a manager kind of sucks because I HAVE TO BE THERE. Especially when there's a show. On Friday. WHY.

Anyway, THIS GAME IS AMAZING. It has been nothing but complete fun. I totally cracked up, though, when I went into Shepard's cabin and there was totally a picture of Alenko sitting on her desk. Oh Bioware. You're little details and touches to this game totally... just...YES.

I've recruited four people so far. GARRUS AND TALI ARE BACK. YES YES. And I found Alenko. Let's just say that...didn't go exactly as planned.

Now that breakfast is consumed, back to playing. Should get another 45 minutes in before I have to head to work.

DUDE. WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO PARTY AT AFTERLIFE? AND CHECK OUT THE LOL FLAMES (tenel_ka this is totally some of the music I was talking about. Marriott, right?)

I got this soul and its all fired up

WHY DO I LOVE MASS EFFECT SO MUCH? HERE'S WHY. You all know how much I love this game and have played this game, but yet every playthrough (what is this, like 7th or 8th now) I FIND SOMETHING NEW.

So Shepard is bounding around Noveria asking questions about Matriarch Benezia. She's in the bar talking to Qui'n with Garrus and Kaiden Alenko in tow. Qui'n mentions how Benezia was dressed the part and the dialogue is just <333

Qui'n -- ....an asari in a pinstripe suit  makes the security personel's tongues wag.
Kaiden -- Yeah, it does seem like something you'd find on an extranet fetish site. *looks at Shepard*  What?

And with that:

MASS EFFECT 2 TOMORROW! You guys might not see me for a while.

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